17 June, 2011

The Secret

If what we read feeds our thoughts, it is pretty clear what I have been thinking lately.  I have books strewn about the house.  In a whirlwind blast to tidy up the house this morning, I gathered up some of the books I am reading currently.  When I saw the stack, I laughed out loud.  The pattern that emerged was pretty clear.  
One Day My Soul Just Opened Up  by Iyanda Vanzant
Mind Power into the 21st Century by John Kehoe
The Healing Power of Mind  Simple mediation Exercises for Health Well-Being and Enlightenment
              Tulku Thondup
The books have been dropped in the bathtub (where I often fall asleep reading them), highlighted and their pages dog-earred and torn.  These book have been well-worn and well-loved.

In a few days, I am going into the hospital for my second hip replacement in three months.  I have been working hard to harness the infinite power of my mind to bring about the best outcome.  For that reason, I must have pulled these books off my library shelf at different points of times.  These books are instruction manuals for enlightened thought; using different words, describing varied examples, their messages are all the same.
You are GREAT. You can do this!
I encourage anyone who is trying to find their way through a physically, emotionally or spiritually challenging period in their lives to seek out and read any one of these books. I will tell you honestly, however, that it's not about the books you read.  What I have discovered is that it is about the willingness to ask the questions.  The answers you seek will not be found in a single book nor in a single teacher.  If you are determined to find an answer and are willing to ask for help,  you will ultimately find the answer within yourself.  Just ask Dorothy ~ you don't even need ruby slippers.   The  answer  may not be the answer you want, nor even the one you imagined, but the answer is already within your reach.  So, that's The Secret.  Picture my hand cupped and curled as I lean close to you and quietly whisper,        "Pass it on..."

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